Dental Anatomy Final Review

Review – Anatomy Review

What are the muscles that act as protagonists and close the mandible? (Masseter, Internal Pterygoid and Temoralis)

What is muscle that is considered both muscle of mastication and facial expression? (Buccinator)

Give the reasons for the two classification muscles – Facial Expression and Mastication? (Facial muscles facial expressions & move soft tissue of face; Muscles of Mastication move jaw for chewing)

What bones give structure to the roof of the mouth? (Palatine bones)

The Palatine bones unite at the ____? (Mid Palentine suture)

What does George consider to be the strongest muscle in the human body? (Masseter)

What muscles make up the floor of the mouth? (Mylohyoid, Genohyoid, Digastric and Stylohyoid)

What is a synapse ? (Space between two adjacent nerve cells)

Name the artery the supplies blood to the oral tissue? (Internal carotid)

Soooo… figure out what the External Carotid and Internal Carotid Arteries do because what George told us is different from ALL WEBSITES I CHECKED AND THE BOOK. Good luck.

Name the tissues of the tooth and composition of them? (Dentin, Cementum and Enamel are hard; Pulp is soft)

Name the nerve that supplies the muscles of facial expression? (Cranial nerve number 7)

Name the nerve that supplies the muscles of mastication? (Cranial nerve number 5)

Name the blood vessels at the arch of the aorta? (Brachiocephalic, Left Common Carotid and Left Subclavion Arteries)

Why is the hamular notch important when constructing a denture? (Hamular notch is the most distal part of the maxillary denture and serves as the start and finish line for the postdam seal)

How many bones make up the orbit of the eye? (7 bones) <—NEW… we never actually learned this in lecture.

What bones make up the framework of the cheek? (the zygomatic and maxillary bones)

The antagonists of the muscles that close the mandible? (External/ lateral teragoid)

What connects bone to bone? (ligament)

What are the main sutures on top of the head? (Coronal, Midsagittal, lambdoid)

The mandibular division of the trigenimal nerve is? (Sensory) —Although if you look it up, the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve has a large sensory root AND a small motor root so only saying sensory is not correct.

List the 4 chambers of the heart? (R Atrium, R Ventricle, L Atrium, L Ventricle)

Arteries blood carry oxygenated blood to the heart , name the exception to the he rule ? (Pulmonary vein)

What bring blood away from the heart? (Artery)

What joint connects the mandible to the top half of the skull? (TMJ)

When expressing feelings muscles of the face usually function as a group?

What is the reason for the foramen visible on the skull? (Serve as pathway for nerves and lymphatic & vascular tissue)

Number of deciduous teeth (baby teeth)? (20)

Number of teeth in a complete denture? (28)

The smallest unit that makes up the body? (Cell)

What are the groups of tissues acting to perform a particular function? (Organ)

Name the blood vessel that leaves the right ventricle? (Pulmonary artery)

The pterygoid process provide attachment for which muscle of mastication? (Mastication)

How many bones are in the skull ? (22)

The periosteum that covers all bone EXCEPT the _______ ? (Joints)

What is the side of the muscle that moves less? (Origin)

What is the function of alveoli ? (Exchanges O2 for CO2 gas)

What is the slight contraction of a muscle at rest? (Muscle tone)

The mesial surface of which tooth lies next to the distal surface of the mandibular first molar? (Mandibular second molar)

Name the structure in the neck that senses blood composition and when pressure changes? (Carotid sinus)

What is the portion of the mandible that houses the teeth? (Alveolar ridge)

What is the Masseter muscle?

Where does the Lamdoid run in hype suture? (Parietal and occipital)

Both cranial nerves #5&7 (Sensory, motor or both) *answer is BOTH

What is the function of the periodontal membrane? (Protects the alveolar tissue)

What is the hole that runs through the occipital bone allowing for the connection of the brain and spinal cord? (Foramen magnum)

What is the Bennett movement? (One condial rotates & the other translates)

What artery supplies blood to the mandibular teeth? (Inferior alveolar artery)

Name the artery that supplies blood to the posterior maxillary teeth? (Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery)

What is the difference between the alveolar ridge and the alveolar process? (The alveolar ridge exists in a patient that has no teeth, the alveolar process is in a patient that does have teeth and it is the part of the bone that houses the roots of the teeth)

Define edentulous? (No teeth- not even one)

What is the mandibular condial? (Most superior,  most distal part of mandible)

What is the number of cranial nerves? (12)

The mylohyoid ridge serves as the attachment for which muscles? (Super hyoid muscles)